Relativity is Occult ‘Light Worship’

The events upon the world’s stage including the clearly bioengineered HIV-batSARS chimera: 


As well as the recent destabilization of easter europe’s societal structures enacted by the co-operative action of two men who we are told are enemies but both of whom in reality appear on the world economic forum and have a history in occult groups. 

This is also plainly evident by the masonic grand-master meeting of Putin, Bush, and the Chinese PM a few years back, many pictures taken from many angles taken during throughout this event can easily be found online.

Now that that silly distraction is out of the way, in GR, the medium is said to be spacetime, but it does not serve the same purpose as the aether field does as a universal reference frame. 

Hence Einstein bestowed upon ‘The Light’ and those who worship it the divine power of creating atomistic, perfectly valid physical realities. Its invariance is the downfall of aether-based field electrodynamics and physics, which is sadly the most accurate representation of real-world phenomena. 

To this day the question on relativity’s greatest predicament has not been answered: “Which clock is moving faster”, alternately; “which twin is older”. 

GR was devised because of the fatal contradictions brought upon when one attempts to reconcile QM with SR. 

SR alone is also built upon a contradiction of its two fundamental principles: 

The first principle (postulate) of relativity as presented by Einstein’s 1905 paper titled ‘On the electrodynamics of moving bodies’ states that all frames of reference are equally valid. In his own words:

“the same laws of electrodynamics and optics will be valid for all frames of reference for which the equations of mechanics hold good.”[1]

Slightly further down the page, he states the second principle, which is that ‘c’ is the same for all observers:

“and also introduce another postulate, which is only apparently irreconcilable with the former,” -(Yet he does not provide why it is only apparent.)- “namely, that light is always propagated in empty space with a definite velocity c which is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body.”

How can these two axioms be reconciled without giving rise to mutual time-dilation? Remember that this is not concerning mutual time dilation’s possibility (or unsuspicious validity) in a Minkowski diagram/space-time graph; my question pertains to mutual time-dilation in the physical, experimental world, which is inescapable given the two foundational relativistic postulates above, which take time to be a tangible entity and space a ‘vacuum devoid of properties’, both able to warp and bend inversely to one another to satisfy the invariance of the glorified ‘Light”. 

Academia is much more esoteric than the un-elect (non-adept-into-secret-orders) atheists in its upper echelons would ever dare to accept. 

1] Preprint Aberrations in Spatio-Temporal Physical Theory


Aberrations in Spatio-Temporal Physical Theory

The first principle of relativity as presented by Einstein’s 1905 paper ‘On the electrodynamics of moving bodies’ states that all frames of reference are equally valid. The second principle on that same paper is contradictory to the first and their reconciliation gives rise to a multitude of physical impossibilities; contradictions. 

Not just paradoxes, because true contradictions are fundamentally fallacious. According to relativity theory it is just as valid for an observer to be moving so that their time is slower than it is that a ‘fixed’ observer is  ‘relatively’ moving; hence slowing their time.

In Einstein’s words:

 “the same laws of electrodynamics and optics will be valid for all frames of reference for which the equations of mechanics hold good.”[1]

What is interesting is that just a little further down the page, he states the second principle, which is that ‘c’ is the same for all observers: 

“and also introduce another postulate, which is only apparently irreconcilable with the former, namely, that light is always propagated in empty space with a definite velocity c which is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body. These two postulates suffice for the attainment of a simple and consistent theory of the electrodynamics of moving bodies based on Maxwell’s theory for stationary bodies. The introduction of a “luminiferous ether” will prove to be superfluous inasmuch as the view here to be developed will not require an “absolutely stationary space” provided with special properties, nor assign a velocity-vector to a point of the empty space in which electromagnetic processes take place.” [1]

So he effectively gets rid of the aether field once and for all, while simultaneously bestowing upon every relativist their own conceptual universe of counter-bending time and matter.

The issue is that, as he states, these two main postulates are not only irreconcilable in and of themselves; they also strongly negate each other. If all reference frames are equally valid, and all observers have each their own measure of time, who’s reality is true? 

It is just as valid to say the road is moving under the car in this physical reality. Mutual time dilation is an inherent paradox that arises from relativistic math wherever it is applied; it does not reflect real-world phenomena. The twin paradox, clock paradox, grandfather paradox, car & garage paradox, Ehrenfest/Einstein paradox, Twin frog paradox, and countless others others emerge from its fundamental contradictions. 

General relativity has curved space-time and special relativity has flat space-time. In either case, matter is able to bend, wether due to its velocity or its curvature path of least resistance. This was able to explain away why the interferometer arm shrank during mitchelson, Morley, gale, Sagnac,

Special relativity is special in that it does not account for gravity, and the only reason is because without doing away with it, the entire axiom falls apart; becoming riddled with errors and contradictions. General relativity employs gravity as the curvature of space-time; a three- dimensional, and mathematically tangible fabric alleged to constitute the universe.

 The clear contradiction exhibited by both theories is that one clock still must work faster than another clock, but there is no distinction between which clock is running faster because, as aforementioned, the first principle dictates that all frames of reference are equally valid.
neither time nor space have any properties, and hence neither can be dilated, contracted, or warped, lest it be in the realm of metaphysical mathematics. 

This is where the theory breaks down and Einstein, Dirac, Dyson, Feynman, Sagan and all accredited proponents of relativity could not produced an answer to the simple question of; “Which clock is moving?” Herbert Dingle in Science at the Crossroads [13] presents a glimpse of the countless correspondences he had with so-called ‘specialists’ on relativity, including members of the Royal Society and publishers in American and British scientific journals. The former of which were often silent or simply condescending and the latter, younger and particularly not adept, met the criticism of the magical spell that ‘relativity’ is with inexhaustible diversions and preposterous responses avoiding the question altogether. 

Dingle presents the clear question he posed scientific authorities as it was presented it in his multiple papers, which were all denied publication rights from the highest-ranking journals in which he was deeply acquainted with and esteemed for publishing in. It states: “Two exactly similar clocks, A and B, are in uniform relative motion, Einstein’s special relativity theory (1) that the motion is wholly relative, i.e. belongs no more to one clock than to another; (2) that the clocks work at different rates, i.e. one works faster than the other. My question is: what, consistently with the theory, determines which clock works the faster?” For this question he received no response and when he did, other than baseless, ad- hominem insults of his intellect and diversions, he was met with letters of genuinely confused scientists in the field of relativity who had accepted that understanding it was beyond them. Dingle sets the tone of the times when referencing the case of a genuinely brilliant good friend of his as evidence of the severe psychological effects posed by the unquestionable and authoritative nature of notable scientific bodies. 

These organizations are supposed to be servants of the public and instead they continue to go against their foundational principles of empirical truth and the scientific method. The scientific method is, simply, hypothesizing of and finding physical, replicable, observable experimental phenomena from which to subsequently formulate an opinion or theoretical model. Such phenomena must be, either through theory or pragmatic terminology; in logical and objective terms, explained with reference to the natural mechanisms behind it. Relativity employs the opposite; its genesis is in mathematics, and it seeks to only defend itself from all angles instead of engage in an objective juxtaposition to any criticism of it. 

That is the attitude of virtually every renowned scientist in the field of theoretical physics. Scientific organizations and their associated scientists base an entire world view on assumptions and contradictions, and still present it to the world and advertise it as absolute truth (of course always staying away from the Newtonian notion of absolute truth in itself) without any regard for the effect that this psychological conditioning and normalization of insanity has had on these poor scientifically (truth-seeking) inclined souls. Arithmetic and equations are a language; a way of expressing ideas. These ideas can be patently false just as much as they can be true. 

It is said that the worst errors in science are those based on commonly accepted ideas. Time is a conceptual quantification of a continuum which exists only in the mind that is doing the counting, and yet we have allowed ourselves to accept as truth the idea that time can be bent. Time moves mountains, it turns grasslands into forests, empires into ruins, time is untouchable; immaterial. It certainly cannot be bent. 

Edited excerpt from my Dynamic Theory of the Aether


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The Genbank reference sequence number for the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is NC_045512.2


When running a BLAST (basic local alignment search tool) to find a SARS CoV-2 sequence homology within other referenced viruses (such as the coronaviruses involved in pneumonia, SARS, MERS, etc) this program is able to find sequence similarities in ALL families of viruses, especially between different RNA viruses, of which coronavirus is one, as they are inherently different than their DNA-based (purported) ancestral derivatives or cousins. It just so happens that the HIV virus is also an RNA-based virus, and thus, through referencing RNA sequences individually with a BLAST tool, we are able to determine which parts of its genome would have been genetically borrowed and inserted into its DNA from that of the HIV virus, again using cutting-edge molecular machinery that puts even CRISPR to shame.


Thus, it would be remarkably simple, with respect to the gene-editing tools (i.e. CRISPR and other protein constructing and editing factories) and other molecular machinery at the disposal of the industries involved, to selectively impart phenotypic viral  characteristics in bio-weaponized chimeras such as is the case with SARS CoV-2 through genotypic reconstruction/alteration. This is also yet another case for the argument that the novel coronavirus could not have come into existence by natural means. HIV is in the lentivirirus genus and retrovirus family, and as shown by the viral phylogeny above, they are significantly more closely related to coronaviruses than to other DNA viruses, differing mainly in their viral envelope symmetries, but this crucial difference is what ultimately makes their possibility of cross-linkage mutations or antigenic-drift nearly impossible.

searchnew search

Eight different viruses were identified by the BLAST tool as containing similar sequences to those in the SARS CoV-2 genome. The main homology exists in the viral envelope glycoprotein gene. This is interestingly the only striking difference between the two virus families and yet, it indicates that the novel coronavirus is the only of its kind and in its family, genus, and order to possibly contain an icosahedral envelope geometry, and if not, to bear one strikingly different from its close relatives.


This is truly a chimera.

What is it about the HIV virus that renders it so persistent and adaptable to our adaptive immune response? Could it be its icosahedral envelope geometry? Does it render macrophages or other lymphocytes useless due to its irregular shape? Does it evade detection by such immune cells due to its highly transient crystal envelope symmetry or rapid mutations?

glycoproteins in each country

Comparing the Query to the Subject we find a strong similarity in the envelope glycoprotein genes as discussed above yet also interestingly a partial similarity in the rev and tat proteins, which are also crucially important in the lentivirus (HIV) family mechanism of aggressive viral RNA transcription and consequently, replication. The rev protein works in the nucleus of the infected cell to regulate export of mRNA to be fully spliced and used in the production of viral structural proteins. The tat protein not only drastically enhances the efficiency of viral transcription, but is has also as of recently been implicated in the pathogenesis of many HIV-related complications.

It is no surprise then that these two proteins would be included in the mad-scientist experiment that is this novel respiratory virus. The worst part; it is all so that a tyrannical government can attempt to impose mandates that violate the rights bestowed upon us by divine creation. The “solution” for this plannedemic is, as many of you are aware, an RFID microchip hypodermically adminstered through the vaccine, which will also as always be laden with heavy metals and other toxins which have been proven by hundreds of peer-reviewed studies to cause neurodegenerative disorders among literally hundreds of other illnesses.

Share the information herein with your loved ones and warn them about the mark of the beast; the microsoft-patented W02020060606 microchip vaccine (world order 2020 666) employing the luciferase enzyme… and planned to be forcibly imposed on us through house resolution #6666… it could not get any clearer.. except for the fact that its being funded and promoted by the literal gates of hell himself. The one that has told us countless times that population control and ‘producing childhood death’ is essential.

All of these indications matter not, as those who are ready to open their eyes will have the strength to open their mind for long enough to carry out independent research. There are millions of us by now, stay the course my beloved brothers and sisters.

As Salamu Alaykum

Ad Lux et Veritas Iremus





“Hidden lands in the north” Mercator map
Stars circle around Polaris in the northern hemisphere and around the equator in the Southern Hemisphere.
Operations high-jump, deep-freeze, and others culminated to the Antarctic treaty; nobody can explore the Antarctic without a government chaperone and they still must stay within set boundaries deemed accessible for “scientific research”, but no further, especially south.
Truth in plane sight at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab. Yes they rent it out to Hollywood studios.. and yes they “practice” on scale replicas of parts of the ISS.
Gleason’s azimuthal equidistant projection. The size and proportion of the continents have been subject to scrutiny by geocentrism researchers.

Physical & Ethereal Detoxification

Physical & Ethereal Detoxification

I’ve written this guide to help both vegans & conscious omnivores to achieve the greatest physical, spiritual, and mental health. I’ve done away with the heavy acid-ash forming starches such as corn, wheat, and soy, as well as processed carcinogenic animal fats & acid-forming, kidney-degenerating excessive animal proteins. I’ve lowered the tough, fibrous veggie intake just enough so that there isn’t fermenting plant matter in our small intestine, which does not contain a caecum for that purpose as the gastrointestinal tracts of true herbivores do. I’ve also made animal products not exceed 25% (fruit is 30%) of the daily caloric intake. This is by calories, so one would eat significantly more fruit than meat, and still significantly more plant-based foods (75%) than animal-based foods. The main goal of this is to demonstrate just how prevalent some synthetic chemicals are in our food supply, and how important their removal is for attaining purity of body, which instills calmness and attentiveness of mind, and a pure, unrestrained consciousness of spirit. I hope this helps you become your best self.

With much aloha, VV



Greed and vice have metastasized into human consciousness and the collective waters are putrid. We are drinking dead water, consuming processed acid-forming inflammatory dead/rotting foods, and experiencing severe lethargy yet dehydration. Lack of oxygenation to tissues, and an incalculable catastrophe of chronic degenerative diseases. There are poisons in our water, air, and food. Whether or not this is deliberate is up for your interpretation and examination. “Third world” countries have been sacrileged, destabilized, oppressed, and exploited by the will of those who own the money in the world. Oil is the most valuable resource, and there is a substantial amount of evidence that suggests it is used as a reason to attack innocent countries. Oil is abiotic and regenerative, and it doesn’t always take millions of years to form. Yet the hydrocarbons refined from the petroleum are termed “fossil fuels” to increase a sense of scarcity among the public and control obsolescence. This grants a subversive consent of justification in the eyes of mid-authoritative figures in war environment, because they may have high enough clearance to know of their socio-political-military-complex’s thirst for natural-resources, cultural sterilization/ethnic cleansing, eugenics, and illegal land occupation, and allow for it to continue, this is not just involving the major superpowers of our world, as every developed nation except for less than a handful today has got a net worth and a taxpayer ID, and we are the product of a debt farm, don’t believe me? Look up the world’s national debt. Who are we in debt to? Once you figure this out you will know who causes unnecessary wars and poisons its own people and why.





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