Greed and vice have metastasized into human consciousness and the collective waters are putrid. We are drinking dead water, consuming processed acid-forming inflammatory dead/rotting foods, and experiencing severe lethargy yet dehydration. Lack of oxygenation to tissues, and an incalculable catastrophe of chronic degenerative diseases. There are poisons in our water, air, and food. Whether or not this is deliberate is up for your interpretation and examination. “Third world” countries have been sacrileged, destabilized, oppressed, and exploited by the will of those who own the money in the world. Oil is the most valuable resource, and there is a substantial amount of evidence that suggests it is used as a reason to attack innocent countries. Oil is abiotic and regenerative, and it doesn’t always take millions of years to form. Yet the hydrocarbons refined from the petroleum are termed “fossil fuels” to increase a sense of scarcity among the public and control obsolescence. This grants a subversive consent of justification in the eyes of mid-authoritative figures in war environment, because they may have high enough clearance to know of their socio-political-military-complex’s thirst for natural-resources, cultural sterilization/ethnic cleansing, eugenics, and illegal land occupation, and allow for it to continue, this is not just involving the major superpowers of our world, as every developed nation except for less than a handful today has got a net worth and a taxpayer ID, and we are the product of a debt farm, don’t believe me? Look up the world’s national debt. Who are we in debt to? Once you figure this out you will know who causes unnecessary wars and poisons its own people and why.





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