Physical & Ethereal Detoxification

Physical & Ethereal Detoxification

I’ve written this guide to help both vegans & conscious omnivores to achieve the greatest physical, spiritual, and mental health. I’ve done away with the heavy acid-ash forming starches such as corn, wheat, and soy, as well as processed carcinogenic animal fats & acid-forming, kidney-degenerating excessive animal proteins. I’ve lowered the tough, fibrous veggie intake just enough so that there isn’t fermenting plant matter in our small intestine, which does not contain a caecum for that purpose as the gastrointestinal tracts of true herbivores do. I’ve also made animal products not exceed 25% (fruit is 30%) of the daily caloric intake. This is by calories, so one would eat significantly more fruit than meat, and still significantly more plant-based foods (75%) than animal-based foods. The main goal of this is to demonstrate just how prevalent some synthetic chemicals are in our food supply, and how important their removal is for attaining purity of body, which instills calmness and attentiveness of mind, and a pure, unrestrained consciousness of spirit. I hope this helps you become your best self.

With much aloha, VV



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