The Genbank reference sequence number for the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is NC_045512.2


When running a BLAST (basic local alignment search tool) to find a SARS CoV-2 sequence homology within other referenced viruses (such as the coronaviruses involved in pneumonia, SARS, MERS, etc) this program is able to find sequence similarities in ALL families of viruses, especially between different RNA viruses, of which coronavirus is one, as they are inherently different than their DNA-based (purported) ancestral derivatives or cousins. It just so happens that the HIV virus is also an RNA-based virus, and thus, through referencing RNA sequences individually with a BLAST tool, we are able to determine which parts of its genome would have been genetically borrowed and inserted into its DNA from that of the HIV virus, again using cutting-edge molecular machinery that puts even CRISPR to shame.


Thus, it would be remarkably simple, with respect to the gene-editing tools (i.e. CRISPR and other protein constructing and editing factories) and other molecular machinery at the disposal of the industries involved, to selectively impart phenotypic viral  characteristics in bio-weaponized chimeras such as is the case with SARS CoV-2 through genotypic reconstruction/alteration. This is also yet another case for the argument that the novel coronavirus could not have come into existence by natural means. HIV is in the lentivirirus genus and retrovirus family, and as shown by the viral phylogeny above, they are significantly more closely related to coronaviruses than to other DNA viruses, differing mainly in their viral envelope symmetries, but this crucial difference is what ultimately makes their possibility of cross-linkage mutations or antigenic-drift nearly impossible.

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Eight different viruses were identified by the BLAST tool as containing similar sequences to those in the SARS CoV-2 genome. The main homology exists in the viral envelope glycoprotein gene. This is interestingly the only striking difference between the two virus families and yet, it indicates that the novel coronavirus is the only of its kind and in its family, genus, and order to possibly contain an icosahedral envelope geometry, and if not, to bear one strikingly different from its close relatives.


This is truly a chimera.

What is it about the HIV virus that renders it so persistent and adaptable to our adaptive immune response? Could it be its icosahedral envelope geometry? Does it render macrophages or other lymphocytes useless due to its irregular shape? Does it evade detection by such immune cells due to its highly transient crystal envelope symmetry or rapid mutations?

glycoproteins in each country

Comparing the Query to the Subject we find a strong similarity in the envelope glycoprotein genes as discussed above yet also interestingly a partial similarity in the rev and tat proteins, which are also crucially important in the lentivirus (HIV) family mechanism of aggressive viral RNA transcription and consequently, replication. The rev protein works in the nucleus of the infected cell to regulate export of mRNA to be fully spliced and used in the production of viral structural proteins. The tat protein not only drastically enhances the efficiency of viral transcription, but is has also as of recently been implicated in the pathogenesis of many HIV-related complications.

It is no surprise then that these two proteins would be included in the mad-scientist experiment that is this novel respiratory virus. The worst part; it is all so that a tyrannical government can attempt to impose mandates that violate the rights bestowed upon us by divine creation. The “solution” for this plannedemic is, as many of you are aware, an RFID microchip hypodermically adminstered through the vaccine, which will also as always be laden with heavy metals and other toxins which have been proven by hundreds of peer-reviewed studies to cause neurodegenerative disorders among literally hundreds of other illnesses.

Share the information herein with your loved ones and warn them about the mark of the beast; the microsoft-patented W02020060606 microchip vaccine (world order 2020 666) employing the luciferase enzyme… and planned to be forcibly imposed on us through house resolution #6666… it could not get any clearer.. except for the fact that its being funded and promoted by the literal gates of hell himself. The one that has told us countless times that population control and ‘producing childhood death’ is essential.

All of these indications matter not, as those who are ready to open their eyes will have the strength to open their mind for long enough to carry out independent research. There are millions of us by now, stay the course my beloved brothers and sisters.

As Salamu Alaykum

Ad Lux et Veritas Iremus




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