Anti-Nutrients & Common Vegan Fallacies

Often referred to as “natural pesticides”, anti-nutrients are plant-defense chemicals. Secondary metabolites such as Oxalates, Phytates, Lectins, and (for fungi) mycotoxins. These all have the same toxic effect on the body, and are the reason vegetables and most non-fruit plant-matter should not be eaten raw.

The current main-stream nutrition paradigm is that saturated fat and cholesterol are toxic, when they are what comprise most of our tissues. Given that we are mammals as cows and pigs (although we are not the same as they are) we are physiologically and metabolically closer to a cow than we are to a soybean plant. Also, the cow is an ancient animal that has not changed much (in the places where its cultivation is still done in the traditional, pasture-grown methods) while soy, though quite old, has been hybridized into what it is today by human beings. As explained below, you will see why eating soy, cauliflower, spinach, corn, and excessive whole-wheat (whole grain) products can be very damaging to the gut mucosal lining and harmful to health.

The process of hybridization has brought us most of the current vegetables we eat (at least in America and most other ‘developed’ countries.) Out of the thousands of edible plants on earth, the agriculture industry has commercialized the few that can grow for profit. This centuries-old machine can turn something like Teosinte; which is highly alkalizing to the gut and easy to digest (granted it is processed properly), into corn; which is acidifying and filled with inflammatory compounds. As always, the main drive behind such deep hybridization was the artificially-selected increased starch content within such vegetables. This was not however without a price, because as shown by the figure on the left, Einkorn; the oldest wheat variety, may have been smaller and more painstaking to process, but it contains far more lutein and significantly less gluten and other inflammatory proteins. Whole wheat flour is filled with all the enzyme-inhibitors of the wheat husk/hull.

This is because food not only is more sustaining, but it also tastes better due to the artificially-increased starch content. The problem is, that with increased starch, quite strangely, there is also a marked increase in these plant-defense chemicals, which in nature are designed to prevent herbivory. In other words, spinach (and all antinutrient-filled hybrids) don’t want to be eaten.

Almost 80% of modern vegetable consumption comes from two families; Brassicaceae and Solanaceae. The latter is notoriously toxic, hence the common name “nightshade” and its popularized species; the Deadly Nightshade plant, in historical and mythological lore. Members of this family include Tomatoes, Eggplant, Potatoes (not sweet), Bell Peppers, and other peppers and spices such as cayenne and paprika.

The former family includes varyingly toxic (most to least), hybrid (man-made) plants such as Spinach, Cauliflower, Kale, Brussels sprouts, Collard greens, Kohlrabi, and Broccoli, all of which came from a single ancestral mustard plant, which was, not surprisingly, very healthy for humans and low in plant-defense chemicals/anti-nutrients, particularly oxalates which all cruciferous vegetables (brassica) are known for.

Unlike fruits, vegetables which have a microevolutionary intention to be consumed; to spread their seeds, preparing for that very occurrence by coating its seeds with digestive enzyme-inhibitors such as phytates, which are also anti-nutrients. Humans were used to living within and as a part of their environment, the latter of which we have discarded for ‘civilization’ or the energetic matrix that is the modern global economical, industrial, and political system.

How does one avoid anti-nutrients? If consuming nuts, seeds, leafy greens, or any other vegetables containing anti-nutrients is imperative there are ways to reduce and in some cases eliminate these anti-nutrients. All grains should (obviously) be cooked thoroughly but also blanched (husk/hull/peel(as in chickpeas) removed. Nuts and seeds should be soaked for 24 hours and then dried under the sun or in a dehydrator to remove phytates. Leafy greens should be steamed to significantly reduce oxalates. This cannot however be said without a warning, because some leafy greens are so toxic that I do not feel right in recommending them, but none of them compare to the toxicity of spinach. Spinach not only is exceedingly high in oxalates, it also contains a large amount of iron in a form that is foreign to humans, This iron along with excessive polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s) creates severe mitochondrial inflammation and damage if regularly consumed. Callaloo (amaranth greens) and even dandelion greens have an ancestral DNA; alkaline, less toxic/more healing than spinach. Arugula also has significantly less oxalate than spinach and is easier to digest. In comparing greens with other vegetables though, none are easier to digest than starchy root vegetables (always without the skin where the anti-nutrients are concentrated). Carrots are recommended (steamed) but if one needs raw fiber then raw is okay a couple times a week for their anti-aromatase effect; they inhibit the culprit of estrogen dominance.

B12 Supplements: All b12 is synthetic, and in the lab methylcobalamin is made by reducing cyanocobalamin, which is also synthesized de-novo. Iron is a huge issue too, most people have too much. The same goes for synthetic vitamin D supplements and PUFAS; both advised in mainstream nutrition due to monumental industry lobbying.

Since we’re not fish our bodies require more saturated fats, obviously PUFAS are essential for nervous and lymphatic systems and others but we must eat that which we are comprised of; as we are what we eat. If we eat like a herbivore, which has two and sometimes three stomachs, and a much longer digestive tract, our digestion will eventually give up. Malabsorption, eating 5 meals a day never feeling full, snacking all day long and just feeling more tired. Let alone all the antinutrients. People need to live off of supplements to even try and be healthy on a vegan diet. If I need vitamins ADEK in their most available form along with all the minerals my body needs in perfect ratios and on top of that proteins of HBV I just chew on some invasive wild venison jerky. They are tearing apart local endemic flora here where I live and killing them is not only good for the earth and this entire ecosystem, but necessary. Same goes for the wild hogs currently invading mainland US and Europe; eating all the endemic medicinal plants which were once sacred to native Americans, who like all native peoples knew that we should thank and offer blessings to our creator and Mother Nature when God provides us with her bounty and abundance.

Most crops sold in grocery stores are far from their ancestral counterparts, and have been artificially (manually) hybridized over centuries for an excessive starch and anti-nutrient content. This created and increased the content of abnormal plant tissues and compounds within them that the human body is not equipped to digest. We only have one stomach, unlike many ruminants. This is why 90% of the population suffers from at least one kind of gastrointestinal disorder, and they cannot heal because they are just told to eat more anti-nutrients; i.e. greens and whole-grains. Hippocrates and many others acclaim that all begins in the gut. Whether this may be true or not, the food we put in our body (which inevitably must affect the gastrointestinal tract, often is a direct regulator of our health and physiological state. The consumption of excessive acid-digestive-ash-forming foods, as well as foods high in anti-nutrients such as oxalates, phytates, tannins, cyanogens, and other anti-nutrients is inflammatory to the gut mucosa. If chronic this leads to decreased symbiotic microbiota populations and consequently a weakened digestive-enzyme production. The gut microbiome is not only responsible for helping us digest; it is also tied to the brain through the gut-brain axis. Thus we often crave foods that are detrimental to our health without even knowing that there are dysbiotic bacteria & fungi, by the billions, inhabiting the tennis-court-sized surface-area of our intestinal tract and telling us to consume these poisons because this not only feeds them but also creates the perfect temperature and pH for them to flourish, which happens to be the exact temperature and pH (acidity) that KILLS our natural, god-given microflora. Don’t mind probiotics, most of them die in the stomach, what you need are pre-biotics, which are foods that alkalize the gut, containing not only fiber, but the right kind of it. Alkalizing fruits are also a human staple. By far the easiest food for humans to digest, loaded with antioxidants and electrolytes.

 So what foods acidify the gut? Which foods alkalize it? The list is below, but most notably; 20-month-old meats treated with carbon monoxide which come from animals fed GMO-grain and who never see the light of day, highly processed & nitrate-filled meats, factory-farmed chicken breast injected (perked up) with synthetic sodium, whole-grains (whole wheat anything, brown rice, whole-grain pasta, etc), soybeans and their processed byproducts, corn and all its toxic starchy byproducts, as well as processed, synthetic sugars such as maltodextrin, dextrose, splenda, aspartame, HFCS, etc. are ALL highly inflammatory and acidifying to the gut. Many raw vegetables, especially in the brassicaceae (cruciferous) family are loaded with plant-defense chemicals (not talking about the beneficial phytonutrients) such as oxalates and other anti-nutrients which will not only impair your absorption of all the minerals within such foods, but also hinder your absorption of any truly bio-available minerals eaten alongside it. (For example, eating raw kale and spinach salad alongside a grass-fed, pasture-raised, organically-certified steak will not only prevent you from absorbing the iron in the greens (because they are raw and anti-nutrients such as oxalates must be steamed-off) but also prevent you from properly absorbing the truly bio-available heme-iron in the steak, which contrary to the mainstream-alternative narrative (pushed by the many-billion-dollar synthetic supplement industry), is not a free-radical unless consumed alongside excessive PUFA’s (poly-unsaturated fatty-acids), especially the highly reactive (oxidative) Omega-6, which although essential most people have way too much of in their diet, and un-necessarily so as it can be manufactured from n-3 and n-9 F.A.’s. The problem with excessive PUFA’s, other than the fact that we are mammals, not fish, is that in excess they all cause lipid peroxidation and consequently R.O.S. production, which damages what is agreed-upon by every scientist as the most important part of the cell; the mitochondria. Alongside excessive inorganic iron, such as that in the aforementioned contaminated spring water (and regular tap due to pipes) as well as within the scam that is pink-himalayan salt, will create the free-radical lipofuscin, which is responsible for the brown melanoma-looking spots in many elderly, as well as severe nerve damage and countless fibrotic disorders.