Mother nature has tendered humanity with cures for all diseases. There is no other source capable of keeping us alive and healthy in the way that nature does, and all it asks from us is that we honor and respect it. We might not notice this instantly, but showing compassion to all animals will consequently and karmically rid us from  the destruction that eating them ensues on our bodies and our planet. Their suffering gives rise to ours. All of the information is out there, and it is being suppressed. All animal products, especially in the industrial setting they come from today, are a disgrace to good health. Most animal products are often constituents of an animal that was murdered months or even years before it’s sell-by date, thus in essence we are not carnivores, but rather necrovores. Conscience relieving words like “free-range” and “grass-fed” are regurgitated everywhere, but in truth even in their most natural state, animal meat, dairy, and eggs are loaded with saturated fats, cholesterol, trans fats, sodium, heme-iron (pro-oxidant), nitrosamines (free radical forming), natural hormones like IGF-1, animal protein (overloads kidneys and builds cancer cells) and industrial pollutants (arsenic, cadmium, lead, etc.). Actual tumors are inevitably present in farm animals, and since it is unprofitable to inspect and remove them they often end up on our plate. If we look beyond this “sustainable” animal agriculture, which is the minority, we find that most conditions are significantly worse. The vast majority of animal products are also laden with antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic hormones, processing chemicals, and fecal matter (where do you imagine most animals live in?). All of the above substances have been empirically and repeatedly proven to cause cancer, and the majority of them are found EXCLUSIVELY in animal products. The body is artfully equipped with a remarkable ability to self-heal, and all it asks from us is that we give it the nutrients and energy it needs to do so. The adoption of a plant-based diet has cured millions from essentially every disease under the sun, and anyone fighting cancer or wiling to prevent cancer should strap on the divine arsenal of plant-exclusive cancer-fighting antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, fiber, balanced minerals, vitamins, enzymes, phytochemicals, fiber, and living LIGHT.