*EDIT* NO LONGER VEGAN (animal foods are not the culprit; gmo’s (and their pesticides), industrial and environmental toxins in water, food & air, heavy metals and chemicals in pharmaceuticals, xenoestrogens in bath & body products, cleaning supplies, etc. as well as processed animal foods grown in industrial factory farms, synthetic food additives/excitotoxins, burnt food chemical by-products (acrylamide in asparagine-containing plants (fries, bread, chips, etc) and heterocyclic amines or other free-radical molecules in aromatic-amino-acid-containing animal foods (bacon, pork grinds, etc).

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In an adult, around 60 billion cells die and are created (replicated) each day. Throughout the replication of these cells, mutations can happen. Fortunately our bodies are equipped with a checkpoint for mutated cells that stops them from uncontrollably replicating. It works by signaling for the mutated cell to self-destruct (apoptosis) before it spreads (metastasis). In an unhealthy environment however, certain mutations can arise and remain undetectable, rendering our bodies unable to signal for the unhealthy cell to self-destruct. An unhealthy body has an acidic internal environment which summons harmful microbes and accumulates toxins. Toxins impair the proper replication and functioning of our cell’s DNA and RNA. Differently, in a healthy system there is a proliferation of helpful (symbiotic) microbes, a balanced pH, and an adequate supply of nutrients and enzymes that support healthy cell replication and apoptosis. The strongest factor influencing one’s risk of not only developing but also failing to fight and eliminate cancerous cells is diet. Genetic factors exist but only arise from improper diet & lack of exercise. Cancer is a complex disease because unlike in most other human diseases (bacterial, viral, fungal, etc) we are being attacked by our own cells.

We developed antibiotics to target bacterial cell walls which human cells lack, but since cancer cells are our own cells, any effective treatment would need to find and exploit differences between cancerous cells and healthy ones. Thus many conventional forms of cancer treatment are not favorable as they also damage healthy cells. As with nearly all allopathic forms of treatment, the body’s innate defenses and natural self-healing mechanisms are often diminished as a result of conventional cancer therapies, in my next posts I will investigate which types of cancer treatments are detrimental and which pose no harmful side effects.

Chemotherapy is the administering of various synthetic drugs, most of which are cytotoxic. Although in severe cases, some of these drugs can help reduce tumor size, they often fail to sequester cancerous growth and weaken our body’s built-in anti-cancer defenses. Many chemo patients often experience lower immunity, anemia, and greater risk for infection. All chemo drugs wreak havoc on the digestive system, once in the gastrointestinal tract they wage a war on beneficial bacteria. Leaving a weakened immune system unable to fight off the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Radiotherapy is essentially locally nuking an area in the hopes that it will kill off some cancer cells, this approach can be ineffective as it also damages and kills healthy cells. Studies have shown that radiation weakens the immune system and even catalyzes tumor metastasis. By directing multiple particle beams from different angles, radiotherapy aims to intersect these beams of radiation on the tumor, but simply breathing or bladder-filling easily displaces the body enough that the concentrated radiation point can target healthy cells near the tumor, which then become weak and consequently vulnerable to mutations.

Another popular treatment is surgery, which usually accompanies chemo and radio. This can also be damaging because it causes physical trauma, which sentences a frail immune system stress. consequently facilitating tumor metastasis.

This post is meant to highlight the disadvantages in conventional forms of cancer treatment. There are situations where a patient may need to resort to these as a desperate means of reducing tumor size, but ultimately any stage of cancer can be reversed and cured with the proper method and remedies. In my next post I will cover the only cancer treatment that is truly effective, non-intrusive, and poses zero side-effects.

The study, conducted by a research team from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), and published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, found that the dead and dying cancer cells created by chemotherapy trigger inflammation which in turn promotes “aggressive tumor growth.”

“In this study we demonstrate that chemotherapy-generated debris from dead and dying tumor cells can stimulate tumor growth