We have light, and light is us, we behold the experiential state of perception of & within an origin. This origin is light, it is the source for earth-life and transcendentally a source for our ethereal existence. If we are to learn from the light we must cherish will and embrace intuition. We must refine our principles so that we may coexist amongst non-human animals, and so that our inter-relationships with all earthlings promotes the vitality and flourishing of our earth. Acts that are malignant to vital earth-life, climate, and habitability should be seen as incarceration. and to escape the collapse of our societal structure, as it is held by the pillars of mother earth, into disorder and cataclysmic chaos. Such acts are in foremost; a carnist diet, being the single most environmentally catastrophic agent in climate-change, air-pollution, water-toxicity, and the single most devastating agent on our health. A carnist diet promotes the regurgitative idea of 6 million animals killed for food every hour, annually 70 billion light-bearing, compassionate, attentive/present, laughing, and loving beings are slaughtered for our ego-driven debaucheries. We must relinquish our heritably-incorrect and culturally-outdated belief that any innocent being shall be unnecessarily ravaged and exploited. Only then will we embody true empathy towards all non-human and human animals alike. We must pivot our hostile relationship to (god/oneness/universe/“insert belief-system”)’s divinely present creatures so that we may see earth as the heavenly sanctuary and loving mother it can be to us all.