Humans and bees are deeply interconnected, and if the world’s most prevalent pollinator dies out, humans will plunge even deeper into the current 6th mass world extinction.

Honeybees are essential for many crops, including; avocados, almonds, apples, onions, several types of berries, nuts, and coffee. Bee keepers rent out their colonies to farmers that use the bees to pollinate their crops, but in recent years the colonies that pollinate monoculture crops have been progressively deteriorating, with 42% colony losses in 2015, and 51% colony losses in 2017. Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 3.55.31 PM

With upcoming 5G implements and widespread pesticide use, humans could be looking at an exponential increase in bee colony loss, which would bring countless wild and captive animals that rely on bee-pollinated crops to their demise. It would also disrupt the delicate symbiosis of earth’s biodiversity. Humans (also in a sense captive animals) would experience 90% of the world’s food supply (around 100 crops, 70 of which are especially reliant on bees) becoming increasingly expensive, with some foods going completely extinct from our diet.

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Atrazine is a widely used pesticide that severely affects a bee’s endocrine and nervous system. It is also endocrine disrupting and carcinogenic to humans. PCB’s, Dioxins and various other persistent industrial pollutants are also extremely harmful for bees and humans alike.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 3.55.41 PM.pngRadiation emitted by cell towers, wifi-modems, and HAARP installations disrupts the bee’s electromagnetic sense (essentially it’s bioGPS), and as a result bees are unable to properly direct other bees to areas of food, and many bees end up lost and starve to death before they can return to their hives. Man-made EMF radiation has also been shown to hyper-stimulate the bee’s immune response, much in the same way toxic vaccine adjuvants affect the human immune system (pro-vaxxers: refer to my previous post on vaccines).

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Just as the mass extinction we are witnessing right now, all the above mentioned threats to bee populations are anthropogenic (human-originated). It is imperative that we recognize the effects of our actions before they come back to sting us in the ass.

– The productivity of some fruit, seed and nut crops would decrease by more than 90% without bees.

  • Bees alone are responsible for about eighty (80) per cent to one hundred (100) per cent of the pollination of crops, especially those related to the production of seeds and fruits

  • Mobile phones induce honeybee worker piping and can cause bees to leave the hive if subject to EMF radiation for too long.

  • Absorbed RF power in insects.

  • EMF & RF radiation induces bees to leave the colony, reduces queen egg-laying rate, and reduces bee strength.

  • Exposure to EMF radiation causes biochemical changes in worker honey bees.

  • RF-EMF significantly disturbs honeybee behavior and damages their nervous system and ability to communicate to other bees.

  • RF-EMF may affect the receptor organs in bees and other wildlife responsible for attuning to the earth’s electromagnetic field.

  • EMF may be a culprit behind CCD

  • EMF fields disrupt the circadian rhythms, and induces insomnia and fatigue in humans. It also impairs cryptochrome electromagnetic reception in bees.

  • Cryptochromes are cells designated to sense the earth’s electromagnetic field and in bees, helps them navigate between pollination sites and their hive.

  • Monarch butterflies also use EMF sensing to navigate and migrate.

  • Cellphone radiation affects the rate at which bees return to their hives.

  • Effects of chronic EMF exposure near bee colonies.

  • Bees interpret the electric fields of flowers, a process that could also be disrupted by ELF/VLF radiation.