*THE CULT OF* Veganism



I WAS DONE WITH TAKING 3000% of my RDA for cobalamin (B12), a vital nutrient in erythropoiesis (red blood cell production) and neruronal development & maintenance, every..single..day..and though I am glad I never fell for the cyanocobalamin trap, I supplemented methyl- and adenosyl- forms, which are, albeit still in an engineered form, lacking all its natural co-factors (pyridoxine, folate, copper, iron, zinc, etc) which are abundant in varying amounts in meats, seafood, and the soil surrounding plants wherein cobalt-fixing bacteria exist. I will never eat dirt. I will never eat my own feces. I am not a monkey in a huge (but tiny and insignificant) spinning ball, made up of tiny little spinning balls clashing and twirling about with one another. I am the twirl, I am the wave-pattern of oscillatory aetheric pressure fields. Each indivisible ATUM of my existence is a microcosmic replication of the macrocosmos; sky father, earth mother.

All is cyclical, and as the torus field geometry; self-similar

The circle of life.

Veganism is a hoax movement infiltrated by gvt3z, s0r0z, and other scummy cabal maggots.

‘They’ funded and essentially publicized and subsequently created BLM, the modern feminism movement, LGBTQ(P), and many other psychological operations. They have instilled upon us division in every facet of our life that they control. For many of us, that means relentless grief and aversion to each other, often times culminating in conflict and suffering on both ends, while ‘they’ watch from a distance and chuckle.  Everyone wearing face masks right now in places that they are not required to, thinking it will protect them is proving that they are easily misled and deceived, and it is truly sad.

Lab made burgers are a perversion of Deus’ creation. Plants are made to be as plants, and animals are meant to be as animals. Any defiance of their inherent differences is a denial of Deus’ plan. Eating something that was tortured is also a defiance of his plan for humanity. Thus, we must abolish ALL factory farms, yet still remain nourished in the process. We cannot ignore that the human body not only can do very well with, but arguably needs vitamins A, D, E, and K in fat-soluble animal-tissue form accompanied by water-soluble vitamins like B12 (scallops are a non-sentient bivalve with no CNS, nor brain to receive, and process pain, respectively, and they are the highest natural source of B12) and bioavailable chelated minerals alongside their natural co-factors, such as heme-iron (in meats), copper and zinc (in seafood), etc.

Vegan ‘kibble’ is often referred to as NWO GMO NPK frankenfood processed garbage.

Common ingredients in veeple kibble are:

  • Canola oil; causes aggressive mitochondrial damage through high fatty acid beta-oxidation (mouse study, others available at ncbi; https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/465511/). It also irritates intestinal mucosae and induces the proliferation of dysbiotic acid-forming microbes.
  • Soy Protein Isolate; 99% of soy is not organic and 100% of it is far from its ancestral DNA. Soy, among wheat and corn is one of the most hybridized crops on earth. It contains excessive unnatural starches which along with excessive phytates (not phytoestrogens those aren’t that bad), sulfites (bind iron and can cause anemia),  and other anti-nutrients acidify our gut worse than peanuts do (yes not only are peanuts chocking high with omega-6 (which causes inflammation if excessively consumed and that’s 90% of the population) but also dozens of complex unnatural molecules that can also irritate our intestinal mucosae and impair our microbiome populations.
  • Yeast Extract; another name for MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). Certain yeast species have been genetically modified to produce unnatural quantities of MSG, which when consumed by us even in the lowest recommended serving causes instant over-excitation of glutamate receptors in the lingual (tongue) nervous system.  Through binding these glutamate receptors, it sends umami signals to the brain which not only cause over-eating of unhealthy food but also through chronic exposure directly induce metabolic disturbances. Do your favorite vegan processed foods contain any of these items? They are meant to harm you, maybe not by the company’s CEO, maybe not even by the main shareholders, but by those at command of the industry in which it must capitalize itself in. EXCLI-17-273-t-001


A HUGE three-tiered vegan fallacy is that NPK-and-biosludge-fertilized monoculture-grown cash crops are 1) ethical, 2) healthy (unless as organic/local as possible, even then most still aren’t, i’ll get to which ones), and 3) sustainable.

Firstly, to grow mono-culture crops inherently requires the destruction/clearance of native ecosystems, in the same way that growing mono-culture grain for factory-farmed cattle or land to graze cattle does. Unless there is intercropping, biodynamic practices, attention to soil health/renegerative agriculture/permaculture, and other conscious methods of establishing a continuously healthy and nutritious crop without the need for fertilizers or pesticides, at all! The only reason pests exist is to selectively attack weak or diseased plants (which exhibit UV and other signals), and if the soil is healthy and teeming with symbiotic nutrient-fixing mycorhizae, bacteria, and insects, then the plants will consequently be healthy and will attract natural pollinators, not pests. They will be more enduring of disease, and you can continue to harvest and replant in the same soil for years. Techniques like the ones mentioned above use post-harvest self-composting, food-forestry (symbiosis between different kinds of crops i.e. native american 3 sisters) and other natural soil health regeneration and maintenance methods. Thus a vegan that eats GMO grain is not only contributing to the acidification and death of fertile soils worldwide but is also paying for and supporting the suffering of millions of innocent beings. Vegans just got triggered.. how is this possible? Not only are 15 wild animals killed per hectare per year due to the harvesting of crops, but it is estimated that hundreds of small mammals also die as a result of soil tilling and harvesting. I will note that some studies concur that many forested areas in the peripheries of these fields increase in population density upon harvest (meaning some animals escape). Nevertheless, the biggest suffering imposed by a vegan diet is the harvesting and hand-processing of bougie exotic plant foods by humans. Cashews are in almost every big ‘dip’ now yet in my home country families are losing fingers due to the highly corrosive outer-shell that they must remove from the cashews so your soy burger can have ‘cheeze‘ in it..

Also.. all monoculture capitalistic modes of food-production run on human exploitation,


the local, community-based organic solidarity self-sufficient farming technique, where I grow potatoes, you grow tomatoes, we both have a couple chickens, my uncle has a cow, so does your sister, and my little nephew grows rosemary. By ‘grow’ I mean tend to the automated systems that have been digitized and made standard through the use of technology, or at least when the farmer is a lawyer, doctor, etc and not simply living off of his minimal share. This is of course in a perfect world where glyphosate is not only fully detoxed from the face of the earth but also as profane a word as DDT is today.

Secondly, Soy, Wheat, Corn, plants in the family Brassicaceae (Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale, Brussels, Chard, Collards, Spinach, Rhubarb, etc), as well as many nuts and seeds are filled with anti-nutrients such as oxalates, phytates, and sulfites which not only inhibit the absorption of minerals upon digestion but after themselves being absorbed, hinder their re-absorption in the kidney, especially that of calcium, but also potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, etc.

Lastly, the fertilizing, harvesting, processing, packing, and shipping of food can be extremely unsustainable. Monoculture crops require constant fertilization and often, pesticide application which can cause eutrophication, or acificiation of nearby ecosystems, respectively. Many exotic foods begin to gain popularity, usually due to their health claims, and are thus forced into a mass-produced industry often with catastrophic consequences “for the sake of the product”. Such include the shipping of food from incredible distances over water from multiple places, the employment of underage laborers or the exploitation of porverty-stricken laborers, use of wasteful harvesting methods (whole plant for one fruit, whole fruit for one nut, etc) and many others.