The Earth Torus

The human sense-of-place has been twisted. Whirled. We have been disconnected from our ancestors by being hidden from their means of guiding and enlightening us. This does not include all of us, but most of humanity is lost, and denies the existence of the very soul that allows them to conceptualize such a deep deception. How did it get this way? We find all over the earth, artifacts dating back well over 50,000 years ago, that were made using rapid drilling and/or advanced machining technology. Whats puzzling is that at the highest levels of modern mainstream archaeology, it is asserted that at that time humans possessed a technology far inferior to even even that of the bronze-age, which is copper and at best, meteorite tools.

Perhaps the oldest record humankind has of its life and glory is in the platonic and esoteric indications of the existence of an ancient civilization, Atlantis, that was submerged in times of chaos. The bible and all the books that culminated to it speak of a great flood that happened somewhere in between 20,000-30,000 years ago. Humans had it good back then, and we lived for ages. Now, though, after “biting the apple” we have hunger and other primal instincts to get hold of before we may truly live. This all likely began in Athens, when certain groups began corrupting the ancient teachings, creating a figure and manifesting it into their world. They took over atlantis, stole the jewels of africa (in egypt), raided the temple of solomon, stole the arc of the covenant, migrated back to Europe, then took over the world.

This nefarious agenda for world domination is planned to soon culminate into a staged alien invasion: operation bluebeam.

This project has been in existence since 1917 and, as Bill Cooper, former naval intelligence officer turned whistleblower says, likely even prior to that. Bill began a radio podcast to expose what he had gathered from his clearance and connections in the intelligence community. He leaked (what I believe to be) the most scientifically detailed and, at first glance, compellingly accurate information on UFO phenomena and extraterrestrials. Shortly before his death, when a US marshal invaded his property and shot him in the chest, he had stated in a transmission that all of the evidence he found on aliens and flying saucers was part of a deepest-state psyop sub-operation under operation “mvj0ritee”. (not in gibberish). He then went on to say, though plainly obvious, that most UFO footage has been doctored, but some are real. 

Aliens? real? heavens no. John G. Trump, somehow, (donald’s uncle) got the rights to ALL of Nikola Tesla’s patents and documents. The government has always heavily persecuted those who bear the gift of free energy to the world. The ancients (>10,000 years ago), knew the secret to single-point energy, because they understood the earth to be a macrocosm of every individual indivisible single-point or node in an aetheric indra’s net connecting every part of itself as the whole. The metaphysical (as it exists in various dimensional modalities) nature of this is a torus field. Much like an apple. When the apple falls from the tree, its toroidal field, lest it be spinning, is akin to that of the entire earth. It has a top and bottom of convergence and divergence of physicality, going into and coming out of the center/singularity. From therein can a bifurcational oscillatory field of aetheric pressure give generative form to the shape of an apple, according to its DNA’s vibrational frequency, its connection to Source intelligence. It is this intelligence that powered the pyramids, flying craft, and advanced machinery, symbiotic/harmless  wireless technology in harmony with the earth’s natural schumman resonance.

From the ‘singularity’ in traverse longitudinal aetheric field scattering are created the different dimensions, which exist in a density gradient or spectrum. Matter is more rarefied the closer it is to source and condenses the most in the central third plane of inertia. We are currently on the third, some reports say we will shift to the 5th, however they have not provided me with enough credence or verifiable objective evidence. All in this site is, by nature, metaphysical speculation. I do not have the tools that NASA and the like do, so I must resort to my understanding of natural sciences, physics, quantum mechanics, relativity, thermodynamics, and astrology (which is inherently geocentric) to discern the truths from the lies within this body of cosmological science.

The plan is to then cram us into so called “smart” megacities, after “uniting mankind against an alien threat” as Nixon put it, and having industry and human labor automized as much as possible, while lacking room for creative insight or independent thought.  Robots will do most things for us, but people will only need be educated in skillsets and wisdom, if you could even call it that, limited to the scope of their specialization/specification of function as a piece of debt collateral for the industrial-military state. With the recent Coronavirus pandemic propaganda to mask 5G being turned on in Wuhan and other major cities, we can expect to see more of this agenda unfold shortly and quickly. They are doing everything they can because they are truly terrified. They (inbred satanic psychopathic pedophiles that run the world) are SHITTING their pants as we speak; why? Some estimates claim as many as 20 MILLION human beings have ‘woken up’ to some degree about many of the pressing world issues mentioned in this website and have found, in one way or another, ways to escape the matrix and shine, wether as a fellow light-warrior and truth-seeker or yogi, conscious mama, patriotic Q fan, gamer that stumbled onto infowars and found out 911 was (extremely likely) an inside job and a pre-meditated event, or any other niche within this movement. We are making an EXPONENTIAL difference with every heart we touch. Bringing the true earth into everyones hearts, which are anagrams, will fill them with joy through their newfound love for an intelligent creator/source/God.

There is not a single thing that can singlehandedly fix the world. The root of every single solution, though, is love. This supreme goodness and will to enact positive motion in the spaces we are in and the cycles that compose our imprint and existence in the world.

Earth is a delicate system. I believe it may be an enclosed system. This organically interdependent system of environments, although self-contained, is very massive. It has various water, oil, and magma cycles, and many are completely isolated from humans. Deep beneath the earth there are various chemical processes that recycle the contents of the earth over millions of years. Water, Oil, and many other abiotic substances are entirely renewable. odern cars are extremely inefficient at transferring energy from oil to the wheels and extremely efficient at polluting our environment in many more ways than a little CO2 off the exhaust. This is a system designed to be obsolete, and it revolves around oil, a substance that the earth will never run out of. The term fossil fuels was created by the Rockefeller z10neest elites in order to increase prices and insinuate scarcity.

Why does flat earth bring one spiritually closer to God?

Well, not only is earth’s “immobility in its foundations” and “firmament separating the waters above from the waters  below (flux of physical aetheric fluctuations (currents = water) in the toroidal field that earth is birthed from as an inertial plane) mentioned in the bible, but also, every single ancient cosmogonical tradition on earth is geocentric.

What is the flat earth?

The earth may not be “flat”, but it most definitely is not a sphere, nor an oblate spheroid 24,000 miles in circumference. It is DEFINITELY not a flat pancake in space. Space is not a physical space, in the third dimension. Space is the celestial sphere, the firmament, the dome. The stars are not millions of light years away, they are mere thousands of miles. The sun and moon are equidistant and the same size. They encircle the north pole and change their elliptical orbital diameter to create the seasons and eclipses (when they intersect from a certain observer’s viewpoint on the one and only face of the earth.

I have reached this conclusion after examining the preponderance of experimental and observational evidence that demonstrates the earth is a stationary closed system and that there are literal planes of existence stacked within this system of environments. I believe we may possibly express our Selves in higher planes of aetherial existence by increasing our vibrational frequency, and consequently we may peer into lower planes by dismissing our good will or exerting low-vibrational emotions. This is just metaphysical thought experimentation not any better than the fitzgerald-lorentz contraction hypothesis stating that an interferometer arm can physically shrink. I’ve never seen anything solid shrink unless its a melting block of ice or the organic blunts I smoke once every couple weeks (I don’t drink, do synthetic drugs, or consume any substances that hinder my physiological, spiritual, and psychological state of being.
In this page, filled with my ramblings, I might as well highlight some of the most important reasons behind the lies and propaganda pushed by NASA, JASA, ESA, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and essentially every other space agency in the world (all of which, even the so-called independent ones, are largely government funded and operated).

We shall start with a timeline..


President Woodrow Wilson appointed the first 12 members of the National Advisory Committee  for aeronautics (NACA), of which Orville wright was a member.

1945 Operation paperclip: Hundreds of Nazi scientists are granted American passports and assimilate into various branches of government, military, and science.

1955 Operation deepfreeze: Admiral Richard E. Byrd conducts various antarctic expeditions, funded by the U.S. military and the national science foundation. His first Antarctic expedition was in 1928-30 and his second in 1933-35.  He discovered the Edsel Ford Mountains and Marie Byrd Land.  He spent five months alone near the South Pole.  In 1939 he was made commander of the U.S. Antarctic Service and again went to the South Polar region, discovering five new mountain ranges, five islands, and more than 100,000 square miles of area.  In 1946 he was named commanding officer of the U.S. Navy Antarctic Expedition and again in 1956 headed the U.S. Expedition in Antarctic exploration.  He became a member of Federal Lodge No. 1, Washington, D.C. on March 19, 1921 and affiliated with Kane Lodge No. 454, New York City, September 18, 1928.  He was a member of National Sojourner Chapter No. 3 at Washington.  He and his pilot, Bernt Balchen dropped Masonic flags on the two poles–Balchen also added his Shrine fez.  In the Antarctic expedition of 1933-35, 60 of the 82 members were Freemasons and on February 5, 1935 established First Antarctic Lodge No. 777 of New Zealand constitution.  He died March 11, 1957.

1958 Eisenhower turns NACA into NASA, and appoints operation paperclip ex-nazi rocket scientists and engineers such as Werner von braun as its first directors and executives.

1959 The Antarctic treaty is established, deeming all independent exploration of the south pole strictly prohibited. The treaty contains 52 signatories, which is arguably the most countries to ever agree on one thing; no-one is allowed below the 60th south parallel (60 degrees S latitude). If one wishes to explore the vast reaches of ocean, antarctic shoreline, and deep continental Antarctica, they must pay thousands of dollars (around 40,000) for each

1962 First US man orbits the earth.

1969 In the Apollo moon missions starting in 1969 and ending in 1972, most of the astronauts were, along with admiral Byrd, freemasons, and some of a high degree (33rd) such as Neil Armstrong (A. Lien backwards) and Buzz Aldrin of the Apollo 11 moon mission.

What is gravity?

If gravity is an accelerative force, measured as a function of the curvature and “lensing” effect that a mass has on the three dimensional spatio-temporal fabric around it. The surroundings is an ambiguous term in the sciences because it implies an atmosphere. Earth has an atmosphere composed of mainly oxygen and nitrogen, and with increasing altitudes we reach different temperatures, as well as different concentrations of lighter gasses, such as helium and hydrogen as found in the exosphere. Hydrogen is the lightest atom, and thus is is likely at the top.

We feel a force that pulls things down, but perhaps pulling is the wrong term. Thinking about a helium balloon’s agency to travel upwards can be akin to envisioning an oxygen filled balloon inside a body of water, or a water filled balloon inside a pool of mercury. Some argue that such a water balloon would have a density low enough that its molecules are not being ‘tugged’ as heavily by gravity as the mercury molecules on top of it, as it s submerged in the pool of liquid metal. What is it that is ‘tugging’? To determine this we mustn’t dive into theoretical axioms and mathematical thought experiments. In the center of an atom exists the answer to this age-old problem. We are taught an atom is mostly empty space. We are also told that space is mostly empty space. Heliocentrism teaches us we orbit around the sun. Geocentrism states that every celestial body; the fixed & wondering stars, and the sun & moon all have elliptical and circular orbits around the north pole of a disc-shaped azimuthal equidistant earth realm.The sun and the moon are said to be local, perhaps around a few thousand miles up, and they are polar opposites, being willed magnetically to evenly coat the earth realm with sunlight and moonlight, both of which embody different properties and are needed in unison to ensure the survival of life on earth. Geocentrism also claims there is a firmament or dome that encapsulates this realm, and the kingdom of the moon and the sun exists only within this wide-encompassing seemingly semi-solid barrier. Beyond this firmament there is said to be the stars and planets. They differ in the sense that, according to various ancient religious scriptures, the planets are referred to as “wondering stars”.

The sun is claimed to be 93 million miles away, and the moon is said to be 238 thousand miles away from the earth. In biblical and other religious scriptures, they are claimed to be the same distance from the earth, although no precise measurement has been concluded upon. All of these ancient civilizations did conclude in many things, though. They possessed far greater astronomical and scientific knowledge, and could portray the composition of our earth with high degrees of complexity yet through simple arithmetic and symbology. Our ancestors did not ponder on false axioms and self-verifying equations, which are simply machines of thinking and often aren’t tuned to reflect the observational and replicable phenomenal in our reality. So how is it that without telescopes the Dogon tribe was able to identify and predict the arrival of Sirius B in the night sky, when neither planet is visible to the naked eye? This is the same reason why highly skilled ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, and Incan architects were able to construct their pyramids in extremely accurate and precise alignment with the constellations.

If there exists a downward force, it is assumed that there would be an upward force at its opposite pole. What use is associating kings with months, and pagan gods as days? The cosmos is our earth’s innate and impeccably tuned spatio-temporal clock, where the pole star serves as a reference to physical location. The sun tells the hour, the moon the day, the planes the months, and the stars the years.

There is no solar system. That is a soul-lure system designed to take us away from the creator. We are encased by a large blanketing of gasses and perhaps a metaphysical or actual dense dome. Some say there are plasma rings beyond it, and that thean allen belts still rest beyond; how are we to know, when the ones who are paid 56 million every single day to tell us cannot do so diligently.

One way in which NASA and other space agencies debunk themselves:


The first image is from the LRO, an earth rise photo comparable (but still different from the earth rise photo from Apollo 8 (below).

The Second image is from the EPIC DSCOVR Satellite which caught a supposed moon transit. Do you see any inconsistencies here? Take an honest look at all three of these images and tell me you think any one of them is more realistic than another. Note the relative size of the earth to the moon in each picture. Which one is real?

Are they all fake?


Now that you’ve learned 1% of flat earth research, you are primed and ready to watch ‘Whirled.’ by yours truly, under an anglicized alias; vitalverity, on youtube.

This post will be amended, but in light of the recent societal hysteria this is vital information for those who are meant to bear it. It might save your soul.


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