L. Ron Hubbard, the father of Scientology was well versed in the esoteric, and openly satanic material of Aleister Crowley. They often shared ideas, mainly through Jack Parsons who lived with Hubbard and who was an avid member of Crowley’s OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis). I could end this post here and you could guess they’re probably up to no good. 

They embody the idea of science as not only the supreme study of the laws of nature, but as the godhead of nature’s systems instead. Though it, as freemasonry, takes into account the spirit, which is arguably the sole purpose of the doctrine; spiritual evolution through charity and discipline. Hubbard also understood buddhism, and arguably directly applied some of its percepts in the spiritual elements of his occult religion. Scientology recognizes a ‘supreme being’, but differently than Christian or other monotheistic faiths, it smugly offers their members the opportunity to become a God. This is an abomination by many spiritual doctrines as humans were given a specific place in the fourth dimension but we are not purely spiritual beings when we are living a physical life. Yes, we are ALL infinite beings as is all matter deep within, but the material Mind and Form are impermanent as the lotus flower. Sure, we are made of God from our tissues to our spirit, but we will never be more than an expression of God. 

Notable people; not in any positive connotation, but rather in terms of popularity, who have been through its rites include John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and Tom Cruise. Just as in Freemasonry, there are over hundreds of centers worldwide. Specifically, though, over 700 in 65 countries, which doesn’t compare to the 33,000 (yes I know 33..right) masonic lodges worldwide, and the many millions of masons, most of which are good men. Why is freemasonry relevant? Essentially every single occult organization on earth today, especially those of unfathomable political, financial, and social influence, are Luciferian in nature, as explicated by Albert Pike, the 33rd degree Mason and alleged whistleblower or karmic disclosure appointee. Also in parallel with freemasonry, scientology teaches its elect the mysteries of metaphysics, sacred geometry, astrology, numerology, gematria, Aristotelian (and other ancient greek) philosophy, creation, the nature of light, and other sacred wisdom kept by the higher levels of the order and trickled down methodically only to its members that are ready to receive them. The fair distinction is that unlike freemasonry, which can does in fact require money and a lot of personal time investment, climbing ranks in Scientology is HUGELY dependent on financial support the member offers the church. Nevertheless, it too, just like freemasonry, can impact some men’s lives for the better. 90% of masons are good community men, which often is the case with many low-degree occult fraternities. The ones that are ready to be woken up to the real world though, get elevated through the rites much faster and are put through trials that result in their “rebirth”. This practice is also congruent in both Scientology and Freemasonry. It is tied to Dynastic Egyptian practices and is the foundation behind many occult symbolism practices today. This civilization, which many claim simply found the pyramids and inhabited them, never coming close to a technological puissance as those who actually built them. Yes advanced humans built the pyramids, NOT ‘ancient aliens’..if any conspiracy theory is on Netflix or worse, cable TV,  it’s not a real conspiracy theory. Scientology’s founder Ron Hubbard admittedly worked with an angel called The Empress “throughout his life”, claiming she has saved him countless times. The Bible states that mediating directly to angels can be dangerous because angels of darkness can disguise as those of light, and given his connection to Crowley, who was admittedly ritually possessed by the parasitic being infringing on his vessel, it can be inferred that the occult ideologies within the doctrine of Scientology are likely tainted with the adversary’s deceptive belief systems; Man-God Complexes, Nihilism Holiness, Material worship, etc. Which are themes congruent with nearly all contemporary mystery orders/secret societies. The main concern with scientology, however, is that many of its proponents also enforce the upside down twisted and wicked atomistic doctrine of scientism. This is an Ahrimanic (mechanistic) way of thinking, and impedes on a true connection to our Real Source; Deus. Moral of the story; secret societies are incorrectly grouped into ‘illuminati’ when there are hundreds of different sects of countless different mystery schools/cults and ritual orders, most of which have or do work together, though not as seamlessly as one would imagine.