The world vs Earth

When I go to public places and look around me, I see one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed become ruined. That is the beauty of earth, and the resonance and dynamic of the world’s natural systems. Earth might have been home to beings that we have no record or knowledge about, it can very well be much older than we imagine, thus our perception of the world around us is bound to our senses. We cannot dismiss the instruments that we have crafted or substances we have discovered to heighten them. Most of the animals I see are in danger or suffering. Captive animals abused and exploited unnecessarily every single day, wild animals losing habitats, going extinct, and us, humans, killing ourselves and consenting to lives of suffering and slavery to a cabal central banking system. Our natural resources are being extremely mismanaged, our world’s assets and people serve merely as collateral for the global debt.

Animal agriculture is the number one cause of greenhouse gas emissions, species extinction, habitat destruction, deforestation, reef loss, ocean deadzones, and natural resource mismanagement.

Most terrorist organizations are fully established and ran by the CIA, bin laden was also a CIA agent. Most acts of terrorism (911,  are false flags purported by the government to justify treasonous attacks on foreign powers who oppose the central banking cartel, all while destabilizing their non-rothschild owned central banks, leveling entire cities, and robbing these nations’ oil and other natural resources.

Nearly every single central bank on earth is controlled by zionist jews, and members of elite secret societies such as the freemasons, as well as families like the the rothschilds.

The word is in debt to the central banks i.e. U.S. federal reserve (a privately owned institution)

Countries are corporations.

People are seen as collateral and serve as cattle for this international debt farm.

Mass shootings are nearly always a result of a mind control victim given psychotropic drugs and pressured into committing such crimes, and they are killed after the event nearly every time to make it look like suicide. Various false flag crisis actors participate in these events to sway the public and enforce stricter gun laws and other fear-driven agendas meant to relinquish the American public and eventually the rest of the world of their inherent human rights.

All mainstream media is scripted and highly manipulative. They use mind-control and hypnotic techniques to sedate the viewers into a conforming and obedient state.

Fluoride is neurotoxic and calcifies the pineal gland:

The world’s wealth is kept untraceably by a few bloodlines, these filth are so rich they can end world poverty and hunger many times over and still remain insanely rich, but they chose not to.

They refer to us as goyim, we the people, are mere cattle.

The government, big corporations, and globalist elites are:

1) Lying to you about your true nature, purpose, and power.

2) Feeding you deadly poisons through GMOs and rotting animal corpses.

3) Targeting your home, school, and workplace with cancer-causing radiation emitted from cell-towers, smart-meters, smart-phones, WiFi and HAARP.

4) Spraying the air you breathe with neurotoxins & endocrine disruptors like barium, strontium and aluminum.

5) Stealing numerous of your god-given rights as a human earthling and selling them back to you.

6) Destroying the earth you live in by industrially farming animals for food and generating plastics & other environmentally-persistent toxic synthetic compounds.

7) Printing fake money to farm debt and using you as collateral for that debt.

8) Committing false flag attacks in order to deceive, scare, and manipulate you.

9) Misinforming you and conditioning your thinking through highly biased centralized media.

10) Meeting in secrecy to carry out an enslavement agenda for the world and it’s people.

11) Reaping billions from orchestrated and unnecessary wars.

12) Building underground cities to prepare for an approaching mass genocide.

13) Committing sex trafficking, child abuse, and ritual human sacrifice & cannibalism under ancient satanic occultism.

14) Hyper-sexualizing the youth to eradicate true love.

15) Feminizing men through xenoestrogens, dairy & meats, and popular culture to abolish natural reproduction.

16) Employing mind-control techniques & technologies in TV, movies, music, etc.

17) Fluoridating the water to calcify your pineal gland & deplete your body of vital magnesium.

18) Injecting heavy metals and deadly toxins at extremely harmful concentrations into your system during your developmental years.

20) Plotting to kill you and 7 billion others in the few years.

21) yeah, its flat.