Vaccines Induce Autoimmunity


VACCINE ENCYCLOPEDIA (2018 review of >300 studies on vaccine toxicokinetics)

The vaccine encyclopedia is an unofficial meta-analysis on the toxicokinetic mechanisms of vaccine adjuvants, compiled and written entirely by me. It includes over three hundred studies that, all taken together attest without a shadow of a doubt that vaccine science is far from settled. While strongly suggesting that they can and do indeed cause harm. The most prevalent adjuvants are known potent neurotoxins. Live-attenuated virus vaccines constantly shed and cause outbreaks that they are  meant to prevent, and governmental health organizations have been colluding with pharmaceutical companies and other corporations to hide the toxic effects of vaccines for decades. There is no truly independent safety testing on any vaccine, and the ones that are tested are done so extremely poorly; lacking a truly inert placebo or the scrutiny of a double-blind, randomized or cohort criteria. Vaccines currently being administered to pregnant women have not been tested on pregnant women, nor has there been testing for the inherently plausible genotoxicity or mutagenic potential of intravenous administration of another person’s genome (as most vaccines contain fetal cell lines and DNA from aborted humans (MRC-5)). The TDAP vaccine for instance went through 4 days of testing before being released and approved, while some pharmaceutical drugs take up to 300 days! Vaccinations are also a zero-liability product, and one that has been proven countless times to cause neurodegenerative diseases, anaphylactoid reactions, autoimmune disorders, and endocrine disruption. A few decades ago one in every 1,500 children in the U.S. were expected to develop Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some years ago it became one in every thousand, an alarmingly fast growth as it was. However, as we stand today, in 2019, one in every forty children have autism. This is clearly an unnatural phenomenon, and according to a wealth of published scientific evidence, is directly linked to intravenous immunizations containing neurotoxic adjuvants, as it has also been to bisphenols, countless food additives and preservatives, pesticides like DDT, Glyphosate, Atrazine, Chlorpyrifos, Telone, and endless pharmaceutical drugs, which are all (including vaccines) manufactured in china.

Whether you are an anti-vaxxer, pro-vaxxer, or conscious-vaxxer (spreading out the schedule and only taking what you believe is necessary), reading this document might just save a life, or in the very least, spare you or a loved one from a lifetime of chronic illness. I don’t ask that you trust everything in this document, nor that you agree with it. All I ask is this; if your opinion on vaccinations opposes the conclusions I formulated from my research, ensure that you have reputable scientific evidence supporting it.


– vv