Divine multiplication by division. Duality from the oneness. Motion of light from stillness. 

Whatever you like to analogize it with, there is something divine about doubling. 

Living cells, which must divide in half in order to multiply by two, or crystals which expand upon their structure one lattice-unit at a time, are demonstrative of this divine principle. 

The most ancient of earth’s cosmogonical stories still extant to this day depict, in the genesis of our world, a cosmic egg; usually coiled by a snake (magnetism: i.e. the coiling of electricity) which ‘cracks’ it open. In some ancient sacred records, this allegorical snake literally splits the ‘quiet’ or still cosmic egg in half by tightening its grip in the middle, this stillness/quiet/nothingness/pō is then spun; usually represented by a snake or vortex of some kind, giving rise to aetheric vibratory motion and hence fields of dielectric ‘pressure’ manifest as either physical or rarefied states of what we call matter. It is a verifiable fact that all matter is energy, and that it derives its apparent density from the diameter and intensity of its dielectric bifurcationally-oriented aetheric pressure field vortices. The Vedic account depicts a dormant creative energy; vishnu, within the egg, which begins to stir and consequently gives rise to all other gods/creative forces. This is also akin to the ancient Hawaiian Kumulipo chant of creation, among various others, and could be representative of the first vibrations of the still light of God. I should note that the stars are the fingerprint of God/Source, and the Hawaiian’s must have known this as each celestial object was, in their cosmogony, a God.  Still they could discern that those ‘gods’ were stemming from, but not akin to Akua/Brahman/Oneness or whatever name suits your spirit in addressing the Tao of all things. The gods/angels are just angles (from the heavenly luminaries) of the pure, undifferentiated, undulating still light of God. Why is the source of all love (generative/creative energy) and light; God, stillness? Source light can be compared to a standing wave, with potential to carry vibrations to an infinity of harmonics from where it stands. It is the center vertex between the heavens and the foundations of the earth. The ophius egg is also symbolic of the toroidal nature of the system environment we inhabit. The physical earth we experience with our five senses is a frequency band within an aetheric density gradient wherein matter exists in denser and lighter rarefied (aetheric) states. Akin to how a rainbow, were it to be seen by an infrared or UV camera, would show an infrared band beyond the red end of the seven color spectrum and UV beyond the violet end. Were a rainbow to be seen by a mantis shrimp, or another animal with keen eyes, it might look like a full circle. For a fertilized egg cell to grow into an organism it must first divide in half a million or so times. This process creates many trillion cells out of one. It is the same means by which a crystal, which is indeed living as we have discussed, grows from its individual mineral lattice units while incorporating the air around it in a discrete manner. Oppositely vectored vortices are what allows the indivisible units of matter to exist as fields. Toroidal in nature and exhibiting a multi-dimensional super-positioning of inertial planes arranged in a density gradient according to each element’s respective vibrational threshold and capacity. Some are ‘thicker’ than others, and consequently their discharge waves (what we perceive as electrons orbitals) are of greater diameter. So now that we have pondered the process of creation intuitively, let’s examine it quantitatively. 

Vortex mathematics works on this divine principle of doubling. Where do we begin? One; If you double it, you get two. Double that; four, double that; eight. This is when things get colorful. Eight times two equals sixteen. The first double digit! Next; sixteen equals seven…  

How? 16 = 1 & 6 = 1 + 6 = 7. “You’re crazy.” Okay; yes, but WAIT! Let’s keep going and see if we find a pattern. (All patterns come from the Pater (Sky father), and form matter upon uniting with Mater (mother earth/matter) Seven plus seven equals? Fourteen? Yes, but no, because that is a double digit. We must always reduce to single digits by horizontal addition, therefore 7 + 7 = 14 = 1 & 4 = 1+ 4 = 5.

We are, quite literally now, back to square 1; as five plus five is ten, which really is just 1 & 0, and hence, 1. Do you see the cycle? You can go backwards too; one halfed is 5, half that; .25 = 2+5 = 7, half that; 3.5 = 3+5 = 8, half that; 4, and again; 2, then back to 1. This works both ways due simply to the fact that this two-dimentional inertial function of the coupled bifurcational compressions and rarefactions from the one still light of source gives birth to the two opposing toroidal vortices of creation, manifested in the opposing spins of the torus. This is demonstrative of a fingerprint of God. Did you notice that no matter how long we go through this cyclical doubling and reducing we will never arrive at three numbers; 3, 6, and 9. Why is that so? Firstly, why do we have 10 fingers? Because they represent the toroidal, multi-dimensional template through which physical, aetheric, and rarefied states of mater can all be mathematically derived at. We were truly made ‘in his image’. Observe the directions of aetheric flux as illustrated by the arrows on the picture. The male or ‘father sky’ aspect is the hyperboloid coming down from the heavens at the very center of the earth. The female or ‘mother earth’ aspect is the outer toroidal fringe, beyond the southern latitudes wherein the temperature gets so low that all motion, including sub-atomic, ceases. It is then whipped around by her waters (currents) upwards to enclose her copulation with father sky, enveloping each other and in their embrace, forming the shape of an apple. 

Are you with me? Sounds ridiculous, but if you examine the vortex diagram, which is in itself a two dimensional fingerprint of a multidimensional paradigm, you will find peculiar intermingling and striking beauty between every raw, singe-digit number in creation. Numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 create the shape of an apple; a torus/magnetic field shape. It is inherently due to the nature of vortex mathematics itself; in that it is pivoted on the vibrations between the single digit numbers (1-9), that it is rendered divine. When they are arranged in a circle in increasing order, then their relationship is traced through doubling, magical things begin to  happen. A cell goes through four divisions and reaches a critical 8-cell stage before massive differentiation occurs and it forms a blastula (hollow sphere), which then experiences a budding/coupling of its top and bottom ends, creating nothing less than a coelom (hollow tube which will later become our digestive tract). What was then a spherical blastula is now a donut-shape (torroid). An apple. (Think of Adam and Eve) Is this the ‘knowledge of all ages’ that has driven some to unleash such a thick veil over humanity? Let’s look at the main thing ‘they’ are trying to hide; God/source. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 represent the physical world; the dimensions within earth which occur in cycles. Nikola Tesla is attributed to saying ‘if you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration’. He also stated that numbers 3, 6 and 9 hold the keys to understanding the universe. What is special about 3, 6 and 9? How does their oscillatory motion give rise to the cyclical motions of the other 6 cyclical (physical) numbers?

3, 6, and 9 are the divine numbers of creation, you could call them the ‘aetheric’ or spiritual numbers. Creating their own trinitarian dimension as contrasted by the six physical numbers. Look at the relationships between them. 6 and 3 always oscillate between each other (6+6=12=[1+2]=3, 3+3=6) yet their copulation always gives 9; (6+3=9, 6×3=18=[1+8}=9).

Explore the vortex diagrams paying attention to the positioning of corresponding numbers and you will find many interesting relationships such as these. What can we intuitively derive from this though? Well since 3 & 6 always oscillate between one another yet combine to yield 9, it is rightfully assumed that 9 is the God number. Another reason is that 9 is the only number that if multiplied by any other number will yield 9 once you reduce it. Just look at the diagram with all the multiples of 9:

Another way with which you can visualize divine relationships between numbers is literally built into your image. Hold out your hands in front of you with  palms facing outward and fingers spread apart. Now mentally number your fingers starting from the pinky on the left hand; 1, to the pinky on the right hand; 10. I told you that 9 was the God number, right? So choose any finger from 1-10 and lower only that finger. Now you will find some fingers to the left of it (unless you chose the first pinky) and some to the right. No matter what finger you selected to close, if you multiply 9 by the number of that finger, you will arrive at the single or double digit number formed in your hands by the action of lowering it. Huh? Say you lower finger #3, or the middle finger in your left hand. You have two fingers to the left of it and seven (5 in one hand, two in the other) to the right of it; 27. So finger #3 (9 times 3) yields 27! What about finger #7, the pointer finger in the right hand? Lower it and you’ll find 6 fingers to the right of it and three to the left; yielding 63. So 7×9=63 because we lowered finger #7 and because, remember, 9 is the ‘God’ number and the only number you can do this trick with. This is getting way too long for a post so I’m going to end it here, but I hope that this helped you see the divine fingerprint in everything. All things are made in the image of Source. May your light be bright as the sun, love wide as the sky, and mind clear as the moon. 

Also interesting are the relationships between the angles within the golden triangle and the sacred ‘spiritual’ numbers 3, 6, and 9 in vortex mathematics: